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How Our Books Work: Different Reading Ability – Different Book Designs
Not everybody knows about our AMIGOMAN book design since we create bilingual comic books (English and Spanish) on one!  So here is a small clip we did for a project that is currently on hold, but the book info is still correct.  We design different books for different reading levels.  Take a look when you can.

How Our Books Work…


Video by Dan Phelan, Book Holdin by Jennifer & Music by Pomeroy – Thanks, Guys!

 Check Out More Strong Ave. Studios Videos Via Our YouTube Channel!
Yep, we have a YouTube Channel – Strong Ave. Studios .  We’ll be posting (when we can) all the different stuff we do at the Studio!  We will post AMIGOMAN, Eco-Green Team, Super Hero Characters, Sports Athletes and event How to Draw and Create Videos!  We just need to find a bit more time and maybe a video intern (Hint-Hint:  See our Creatives pages).

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