The Studio

About Strong Ave. Studios


We DO NOT Have a Studio Building – But We Are A Studio.
Currently, the artistic magic is create in AO’s apartment.  No building/warehouse.  No gallery.  Just an apartment and a few favorite coffee shops.  Right now its about the work and later we’ll build a Disney-like studio for friends and the public to visit, learn and experience very high creativity.  But for now, our address is a PO Box.

Hours of Operation

Here is the Deal… We DON’T Have Normal Business Hours.
Period! No faking. And we work nights and weekends – ONLY. AO and any affiliated Creative, more than likely works a steady paying job and works the Strong Ave. Studio project after hours.
So if you would like to meet and chat about an awesome project – contact us via email, social media or let’s meet in the evening somewhere to see what we can do to make your idea / project even more awesome-er.

We Showcase Talent

Strong Ave. Studios is a new on-line publishing studio to showcase creative and talented authors and their work – both on-line, in print and in schools.
Strong Ave. Studios is where the magic for the kids and kids-at-heart happens! We love drawing, writing and coming up with a variety of characters, cartoons and story book ideas for our books and enjoy assisting in making potential books better and more marketable.


Strong Ave. Studios is also the original publisher and production studio of our very own creation – the comic book bilingual super hero sensation – AMIGOMAN™! This amazing super hero was created by founder and Lead Creative of the studio – AO! AMIGOMAN was created with kids and increasing literacy of the KC youth. Check Out for all things AMIGOMAN!

We Do Other Stuff

Strong Ave. Studio is not just publishing. We offer other studio services. We also storyboard, illustrate and design and consult.

Got a question? Have an idea? Need Help? Contact Us

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