We Are Seeking Stories!

Have a bit of magic liturature geared for a kid audience you wish to share? Let us take a look at it!

Here is the Process…


Send us a sample – treatment, 2-3 pgs or 1-2 chapters.


Our Editor Assistant will read it.

Return or Approve:

We’ll approve or return.

If Returned:

We’ll contact you and provide reason and suggestions for future possibilities.

If Approved:

If approved, we will contact you and discuss future possibilities with the studio.

If We Publish – Print / App / Downloadables

Let’s package it for the readers!

Promote / Reader Feedback:

Let’s see what the world thinks.

That’s about it! We know there is talent out there and if you are a good fit – let’s get CREATIVE!

Submit Your Story – Click on the Floating “SUBMIT” Tab

See  the “Submit” TAB at the bottom right hand corner of every page on our site?  Well that is our “Submit Your Work” Tab!

Hit the “Submit” tab and click the “Upload Your Work” button,  upload your PDF (5MB max), Fill in the message box with your NAME, Email add and any other info and we’ll take care of the rest.

Please just send us your treatment/1-2 chapters only.  Thanks and Good Luck!

Want to contact us?  Fill out the form below.




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