Our Mission

Bringing great stories from talented new authors and awesome art and design from creative artists so that students, teachers, kids and parents can enjoy across the globe. We want to make our books affordable, so parents, schools, and kids of all ages can afford to keep reading a priority in their lives. We will pursue for a better story, better art and better quality so that our patrons will cherish and enjoy our work for years to come. We are young, we are small but our dreams and our purpose to contribute to our community and the world are big.

We Showcase Talent

Strong Ave. Studios is a new on-line publishing studio to showcase creative and talented authors and their work – both on-line, in print and in schools.

Strong Ave. Studios is where the magic for the kids and kids-at-heart happens! We love drawing, writing and coming up with a variety of characters, cartoons and story book ideas for our books and enjoy assisting in making potential books better and more marketable.


We are Strong Ave. Studios


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