Lorenzo Lizana


Lorenzo Lizana
Lead Creative Artist

Lorenzo is full-time illustrator and character artist based in St. Louis.  He loves to create and design interesting characters and working with the AMIGOMAN story was a perfect fit for him.  In conjunction with AO’s AMIGOMAN character and story vision, Lorenzo takes AO’s drawings and makes them even better!  His artwork is a huge part of the AMIGOMAN brand success.  He’s a great talent and even a greater friend.  He believes in the purpose of promoting literacy via comics and we are glad to have him as our Lead Creative Artist.

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Anthony “AO” Oropeza
Lead Creative/Owner

AO, by day,  is a full-time web guy based here in KC.  By night and weekends, he works all aspects of his artist & design world.  His work involves comic book creating (writing, drawing, marketing, etc.),  web design, writing, graphic design, sports and comic book paintings, social media, and promoting to name a few.  The publishing aspect comes from various people asking for him to consider their work so that young readers and schools can enjoy their creative ideas and stories like they do with AMIGOMAN and the Eco-Green Team.  Thus, the saga begins…!

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