Your Support Buys More Than Books –
It Helps a Community

Helping Our Community – That’s What We Do! We here at Strong Ave. Studios know deep down in our hearts that giving to those in needs benefits more than just those involved.

Why? Because giving to others helps make our community a better places to live. It is also raises the standard of living for the least able among us, therefore we raise our own standard of living as a result.

Supporting Local Organizations

Strong Ave. Studios understands that we are all interdependent on one another for our care and well-being. That reminder can have a powerful effect and could possibly motivate others to follow – so that’s why we do – what we do!

For the past few years Strong Ave Studios has had the honor to help those in our community though charitable events, donating time and books. Even though we are a small team, we have always believed in helping others, not because we want a pat on the back, but because we believe it is the right thing to do.

So rest assure, that your dollars that you spend with us will in return not only assist us in creating more projects in the studio, but it helps us – help others. And if you are not able or do not purchase with us – please seek out ways to help others anyway.

Supporting Charitable Organizations –
Donating Art & Books

Strong Ave. Studios enjoys sharing it’s art and creativity with local charitable organizations whenever we can.  We also enjoy donating  to organizations outside of our city that are associated with friends of the studio with meaningful missions.

If you would like to inquire about receiving an original AO art piece or an AO and fellow Creative collaboration piece, just drop us a line.  We would even love to possibly donate some of our AMIGOMAN books or prints to your charitable event!  Please feel free to  CONTACT US at any time.  We’d be glad to offer what we can (schedule and time willing).  All we ask from your organization is if you can set aside two (2) seats at your event for a couple of our Strong Ave. Studios staff to attend.

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